Theological Perspectives
of the Reformation

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Comparative Chronology This feature is one of the most helpful aspects of the site. It allows you to compare the chronologies of different movements and people. If you would like to compare the events of the Magisterial Reformation with the English Reformation, here's your chance. If you would like to compare the life of Balthasar Hübmaier with the life of Teresa of Avila, you can do that as well!
Timerange Chronology This component allows you to view all of the events on the timetable by year or you can even view events from any time range. For example, you can view all events in 1521 or events that occur from 1520 to 1530 if you wish.
Comparative Theology This table allows you to compare the views of the reformers on such topics as the Eucharist, baptism, justification, the church, and the relationship between the church and the state.
Quizzes Would you like to check your knowledge of the Reformation? Be careful. These quizzes are designed to determine whether you are a master theologian or a heathen!
105 People Brief summaries of persons involved in the Reformation are provided here. Extended information along with links, pictures, and timelines are included for some individuals. Information is being added so come back soon.
29 Works Many translations of the works written during the Reformation are in the public domain. You will find several complete works in this section. Additionally, you will also find some brief summaries of the content of some works.
15 Critiques If you’ve ever wondered how Martin Luther was viewed by his opponents, this section will prove helpful. This section contains many biting critiques of reformers from each movement.
11 Factors Several factors that contributed to the Reformation are highlighted in this section.
542 Chronologies Chronologies of each Reformation movement are included in this component. Numerous chronologies of individuals involved in the Reformation are also provided.
18 Events This section describes the major events that occurred during the Reformation period.
279 Links Links related to the Reformation movements as well as persons involved in the Reformation are provided in this section of the website.
107 Images In order to add visual appeal to the site, I have included many photos taken during the summer of 2003. I have over 1500 pictures taken in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands. I will include more photos soon.
17 Bibliographic Entries Hundreds of works are written about the Reformation each year. This section will be updated periodically.
26 Hymns The hymns of the Reformation are an important source of information about the theological emphases found within each movement. Often the themes overlap, but distictives are also evident as one surveys these works.
5 Movements This page contains brief summaries of the various Reformation movements. Items related to the late Middle Ages and its relationship to the Reformation are found in the "Reformation Happens" section.
Women of the Reformation I have intentionally included many women of the Reformation within the same categories as the men in an attempt to demonstrate their importance to the overall movement. However, you can view them separately from this location if you wish.
Popes of the Renaissance and Reformation This section provides a chronological list of the reigns of the popes of the Renaissance and Reformation as well as a chronological list of events that occurred during the reign of each of the popes. Brief information about each pope is also provided.
Papal Timeline This section provides chronological events related to the popes of the Renaissance and Reformation periods.