Album for Catholic Reformation

Ingolstadt church

Cathedral in Ingolstadt where Johann Eck and Balthasar Hübmaier preached.


This is a mural on the wall of the University of Ingolstadt.


Above is Michelangelo's Moses, a monument to Pope Julius II in San Pietro in Vincoli (Saint Peter in Chains).

Ingolstadt Church

Church in Ingolstadt where Johann Eck and Balthasar Hübmaier preached.

Ingolstadt University

View of the University of Ingolstadt where Johann Eck and Balthasar Hübmaier taught. Argula von Grumbach challenged the faculty here to debate her evangelical theology.

Fugger House

Luther met with Cajetan in 1518 in the Fugger House in Augsburg.

St Peter's Basilica

Pope Julius II began construction of St Peter's Basilica in Rome in 1506.

Vatican Guard

During Pope Julius II's reign, he commissioned Michelangelo to design the uniforms for his troops.


During the Renaissance period, the obsession of some popes with collecting art was a subject of critique.

Diet of Speyer Statue

Statue at the Reformation Monument in Worms that symbolizes the Diet of Speyer in 1529. Notice the hand raised in protest.

Canisius' Home

Canisius' home in Augsburg.

Ignatius Loyola

Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuits.

Ignatius Loyola

Ignatius Loyola founded the Jesuits in 1540.

Canisius' Home

Above is the home of Peter Canisius in Augsburg.

Clement VII Coins

Above are coins minted during the reign of Clement VII.

St Anna's Church in Augsburg

St Anna's Church in Augsburg where Martin Luther stayed when he met Cajetan in 1518.

Last Judgment

Above is Michelangelo's Last Judgment, a fresco in the Sistine Chapel built between 1475 and 1483, in the time of Pope Sixtus IV.

Pope Innocent VIII

Monument to Pope Innocent VIII in St. Peter's Basilica.

Michelangelo's Moses

Michelangelo's Moses is one of his many works found in Rome. Vittoria Colonna was a close friend of Michelangelo.