Comparative Chronology: Radical and English

Year Radical English
1478 Thomas More is probably born.
1480 Balthasar Hubmaeir is probably born. Andreas Rudolf Bodenstein von Karlstadt is born.
1484 Hugh Latimer is born.
1485 Thomas Cromwell probably born.
1486 Karlstadt is born.
1489 Thomas Munzer is born. Kaspar von Schwenckfeld is born. Thomas Cranmer is born.
1490 Michael Sattler probably born. Hans Hut probably born. Thomas M?ntzer is born.
1491 George Blaurock is born. Henry VIII is born.
1492 Menno Simons born in Witmarsum.
1494 William Tyndale is born.
1495 Pilgram Marpeck is born. Robert Barnes is born. Thomas Bilney born in Norwich.
1499 Sebastian Franck is born in Donauworth.
1500 Jacob Hutter is born. Reginald Pole is born.
1501 Arthur marries Catharine of Aragon.
1502 Karlstadt receives MA from Erfurt.
1503 Balthasar H?bmaier begins his studies at the University of Freidburg.
1504 Pope Julius II allows Henry VIII to marry Catharine of Aragon. Matthew Parker is born.
1505 Thomas More marries Jane Colt.
1509 Jan of Leiden is born. Henry VIII marries Catharine of Aragon.
1510 Anna Jansz is born. Karlstadt receives doctorate in theology at Wittenberg.
1511 Michael Servetus is born.
1512 Balthasar H?bmaier begins studies at the University of Ingolstadt at the urging of Johann Eck. Balthasar H?bmaier receives Doctor of Theology degree from Ingolstadt.
1514 Katherine Parr is born
1515 Karlstadt goes to Rome and studies to receive doctorate in canon law and civil law. Sebastian Franck attends the University of Ingolstadt.
1516 Balthasar H?bmaier becomes cathedral preacher at Regensburg.
1518 Joachim Vadian and Conrad Grebel climb Mount Pilatus together.
1519 Leipzig Disputation between Luther and Eck. Karlstadt also debates Eck. [More] Balthasar H?bmaier expels the Jews from Regensburg during Lent. Joachim Vadian marries Martha Grebel, Conrad Grebel?s sister. Schwenckfeld experiences his first Heimsuchung (divine experience). Thomas Bilney ordained by Bishop West of Ely.
1521 Balthasar Hubmaier begins ministry in Waldshut. Zwickau prophets arrive in Wittenberg. Balthasar H?bmaier becomes preacher at Waldshut. Karlstadt celebrates the first public evangelical mass in Wittenberg. The first adult baptism of the reformation occurs. [More] Pope Leo X calls King Henry VIII ?Defender of the Faith? for his publication of an anti-Luther tract. Robert Barnes introduces humanist scholarship to Augustinian house in Cambridge. Anne Askew is born. Henry VIII publishes *Assertio Septem Sacramentorum* in defense of the seven sacraments.
1522 Karlstadt publishes *A Sermon on the Condition of the Souls that Believe in Christ* which denies the existence purgatory. Karlstadt marries Anna von Mochau.
1523 Second Zurich Disputation in which Zwingli argued for the removal of images from churches. Grebel unsuccessfully argued for the abolition of the mass. Balthasar H?bmaier begins to enact reforms in Waldshut. Karlstadt publishes *On the Manifoldness of the Unity of God's Will*. Karlstadt begins his ministry at Orlam?nde. Austrian officials enter Waldshut and demand the Balthasar H?bmaier be arrested. The town resists and soon becomes involved in the Peasants' War.
1524 Menno Simons ordained as Catholic priest. Balthasar H?bmaier writes On Heretics and Those Who Burn Them. Karlstadt publishes *Whether One Should Proceed Slowly* at Basel. Karlstadt publishes *A Question Whether Anyone May Be Saved Without the Intervention of Mary.* Balthasar H?bmaier organizes a disputation in Waldshut. Luther and Karlstadt meet at the Black Bear Inn in Jena. Thomas Bilney "converts" Hugh Latimer.
1525 Balthasar H?bmaier writes On the Christian Baptism of Believers. Balthasar H?bmaier marries Elsbeth H?gline. Schwenckfeld visits Wittenberg and debates Martin Luther concerning the Eucharist. Schwenckfeld experiences his second Heimsuchung (divine experience). Thomas M?ntzer is beheaded. Luther allows Karlstadt to seek refuge in Wittenberg. Balthasar H?bmaier and sixty others receive baptism by Wilhelm Reublin in Waldshut. Balthasar H?bmaier flees Waldshut to Zurich. Thomas Bilney is licensed to preach in Ely.
1526 Conrad Grebel dies of the plague. Menno Simons begins to have doubts about transubstantiation. Balthasar H?bmaier begins productive ministry in Nikolsburg. Schwenckfeld suggests in a letter circulated among his followers that advocates the suspension of the Lord's Supper. Hans Denck is expelled from Strasbourg. Hans Denck is expelled from Strasbourg. Henry VIII begins courting Anne Boleyn. Wolsey summons Thomas Bilney and he is forced to take an oath not to disseminate Luther's views.
1527 Michael Sattler meets in Schleitheim with a group of Anabaptists and drafts Schleitheim Articles. [More] Felix Manz drowned in Z?rich. Schwenckfeld experiences his third Heimsuchung (divine experience). Hans Hut dies of smoke inhilation in prison in Augsburg. Karlstadt's work *Dialogue on Baptism* is published anonymously. He rejects infant baptism but does not require persons to be re-baptized. Balthasar H?bmaier is arrested in Nikolsburg and taken to Vienna. Michael Sattler is tortured and burned at the stake. Margaretha Sattler is executed by drowning. Henry VIII appeals to Pope Clement VII for annulment for marriage to Catharine of Aragon.
1528 Balthasar Hubmaier burned at the stake in Vienna. Swabian League authorizes military division of 400 horsemen to hunt for Anabaptists. Sebastian Franck wrote a popular treatise on the social ills of alcohol. Balthasar H?bmaier is burned at the stake in Vienna. Elsbeth H?bmaier is drowned in the Danube. Sebastian Franck marries Ottilie Beham.
1529 George Blaurock burned at the stake in Tyrol. Jacob Hutter becomes as Anabaptist preacher. Schwenckfeld is voluntarily exiled from Silesia by Catholics and Lutherans. Karlstadt is expelled from Kiel. 350 Anabaptists killed in Alzey. [More] Simon Fish publishes The Supplication of Beggars. Thomas More replaces Wolsey as Lord Chancellor. Thomas More succeeds Thomas Wolsey as Lord Chancellor.
1530 Zwingli helps Karlstadt become a deacon at the Grossm?nster in Zurich. Sebastian Franck moves to Strasbourg probably due to its reputation for religious tolerance. Robert Barnes flees to Wittenberg. William Tracy's will circulates among evangelicals. As a result, his body is exhumed and burned. Robert Barnes writes A Supplication unto King Henry VIII.
1531 Menno Simons begins serving as parish priest in Witmarsum. Sebastian Franck publishes The Chronicle of Heretics in Augsburg. Sebastian Franck is driven from Strasburg by authorities. Robert Barnes writes Supplication to Henry VIII. Thomas Bilney executed in London.
1532 Thomas More resigns as Lord Chancellor the day after the Submission of the Clergy is passed. Thomas More writes Letter Against Frith.
1533 Parliament passes the Act in Restraint of Appeals. Anne Boleyn gives birth to Elizabeth. Thomas More writes Confutation of Tyndale's Answer. Henry VIII is excommunicated. The Buggery Act is adopted by Henry VIII. [More] Thomas Cranmer is appointed Archbishop of Canterbury by Henry VIII. Henry VIII secretly marries Anne Boleyn.
1534 M?nster debacle begins as Jan van Leiden is crowned as king and Matthijs arrives. Menno Simons publishes The Spiritual Resurrection. Schwenckfeld is exiled from Strasbourg. Karlstadt becomes professor of Old Testament at Basel. Bartholomeus Boekbinder ane William de Kuiper arrive in M?nster and initiate believers' baptism King Henry VIII declares himself the supreme head of the church in England. Act of Supremacy.
1535 Pieter Simons and several hundred radical anabaptists are captured after they seized the Oldeklooster monastery near Bolsward and are killed. Lutherans and Catholics storm Munster. Anabaptist leaders are tortured and executed. [More] Thomas More is beheaded in Tower of London for failing to take the Oath of Supremacy. Thomas More is executed.
1536 Menni Simons becomes an Anabaptist leader. Jan of Leiden is tortured and killed. Jacob Hutter burned at the stake. William Tyndale burned at stake. Thomas Cromwell secures the Act of Dissolution which closes monasteries. Robert Barnes returns to England. Henry VIII begins suppressing monasteries. Catharine of Aragon dies. Anne Boleyn executed. Henry VIII marries Jane Seymour. Pilgrimage of Grace begins. [More]
1537 Jane Grey is born Edward VI is born. Jane Seymour dies.
1539 Menno Simons publishes The Fundament. Menno Simons publishes Christian Baptism. Anna Jansz is executed. Six Articles passed by English parlaiment at Henry VIII's urging.
1540 Menno Simons publishes Foundation of Christian Doctrine. Robert Barnes burned at the stake. Anne Askew marries Thomas Kyme of Kelsey. Henry VIII marries Anne of Cleves. Henry VIII's marriage to Anne of Cleves is annulled. Henry VIII marries Katherine Howard. Henry VIII has Thomas Cromwell executed. Robert Barnes burned at the stake.
1541 Peter Riedeman writes Hutterite Confession of Faith. Schwenckfeld writes his Great Confession. Menno Simons publishes True Christian Faith. Karlstadt dies.
1542 Katherine Howard executed for treason.
1543 Sebastian Franck dies at Basel. Henry VIII marries Catherine Parr.
1544 Anne Askew's husband, Thomas Kyme expels her from his home because of her "heretical" views.
1545 Anne Askew arrested twice in 1545 in London.
1546 Anne Askew arrested for the third time. Anne Askew was tied to a chair and burned alive. Anne Askew condemned. Anne Askew placed on the rack and tortured until many bones were broken. She refused to recant.
1547 Henry VIII dies.
1548 Katherine Parr dies.
1549 Thomas Cranmer's First Book of Common Prayer published
1551 Kaspar von Schwenckfeld dies.
1552 Thomas Cranmer publishes the Second Book of Common Prayer.
1553 Michael Servetus is burned at the stake in Geneva. Thomas Cranmer writes Forty Two Articles of the Reformed Faith. Edward VI dies at age fifteen. Queen Mary ascends to the throne.
1554 Jane Grey is executed.
1555 Nicholas Ridley and Hugh Latimer burned at the stake.
1556 Pilgram Marpeck dies. Thomas Cranmer burned at the stake.
1558 Queen Mary dies. Reginald Pole dies.
1559 Menno Simons dies.
1568 Dirk Philips dies.
1571 Thirty Nine Articles written under Queen Elizabeth.
1575 Matthew Parker dies.