Thomas More
Reginald Pole
Stephen Gardiner
Thomas Wolsey

Edward VI
Elizabeth I
Jane Grey
Henry VIII
Mary I
Katherine Parr

Anne Askew
Robert Barnes
Thomas Bilney
Thomas Cranmer
Thomas Cromwell
Hugh Latimer
Matthew Parker
William Tyndale

Luther Hall in Wittenberg. Many reformers, including Robert Barnes met with Luther here during the Reformation.

The English Reformation

The beginning of the English Reformation is often considered 1534 when King Henry VIII declared himself to be the supreme head of the church in England. However, as early as 1512 John Colet was attacking clergy and prelates alike. Simon Fish’s *Supplication for Beggars*, published in 1529 was highly critical of the abuse of indulgences. William Tracy’s will, which was circulated around 1530 caused quite a stir because of its evangelical flavor.