Anna Bijns

Movement Catholic Reformation
Born 1494
Died 1575
Significance Anna Bijns was Flemish feminist poet from Antwerp. She published three volumes of poetry (1528, 1548, 1567) that were full of satire and religious devotion. She spoke out against patriarchy and Lutherans.
Critiques by Bijns Anna Bijns On Luther and the Peasants
Anna Bijns on Lutherans
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an excerpt from:
Unyoked Is Best! Happy the Woman Without a Man

A man oft comes home all drunk and pissed
Just when his wife had worked her fingers to the bone
(So many chores to keep a decent house!),
But if she wants to get in a word or two,
She gets to taste his fist--no more.
And that besotted keg she is to obey?
Why, yelling and scolding is all she gets,
Such are his ways--and hapless his victim.
And if the nymphs of Venus he chooses to frequent,
What hearty welcome will await him at home.
Maidens, young ladies: learn from another's doom,
Ere you, too, end up in fetters and chains.
Please don't argue with me on this,
No matter who contradicts, I stick to it:
Unyoked is best! Happy is the woman without a man.

--from Anna Bijns: Germanic Sappho by Kristiaan P. G. Aercke