Münster Cages

Thomas Müntzer promoted an apocalyptic theology that advocated violence much like the views held by the Münsterites. They also had the same end! The Münsterites were killed and placed in the cages shown above.

Thomas Müntzer

Movement Radical Reformation
Born Stolberg, 1490
Died Mülhausen, 1525
Significance Müntzer was a radical reformer and a leader of the Peasants' War. In his Sermon to The Princes at the Alstedt castle he called for the princes of Saxony to employ him as their counselor in spiritual matters and to take action against the lords. They ignored him, but he continued to call for a revolution by the poor. He was captured during a peasant uprising near Frankenhausen and was beheaded outside the walls of Mülhausen on May 27, 1525.
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