Pope Sixtus IV elected.   Catholic Reformation
  Prierias becomes a Dominican. Prierias
Catholic Reformation
Nicolaus Copernicus is born.  
  Cardinal Ximenez is imprisoned by Alonso de Carrillo archbishop of Toledo. Ximenez
Reformation Happens
Michelangelo is born.  
  Pope Leo X is born.   Catholic Reformation
Sixtus IV empowers the Catholic sovereigns to set up the Inquisition.   Catholic Reformation
  Thomas More is probably born. More
English Reformation
  Wolfgang Capito is born.   Magisterial Reformation
  Pope Clement VII is born.   Catholic Reformation
Cardinal Ximenez is released from prison by Archbishop Carrillo. Ximenez
Reformation Happens
  Johannes Cochlaeus is born.   Catholic Reformation
Balthasar Hubmaeir is probably born.
Radical Reformation
  Andreas Rudolf Bodenstein von Karlstadt is born. Luther
Magisterial Reformation
Radical Reformation
Johann Oecolampadius is born.   Magisterial Reformation
  Cardinal Ximenez is appointed vicar- general of Siguenza. Ximenez
Reformation Happens
  April 18 Bishop Albert of Bavaria calls for a synod in Strasbourg to address issues of reform. Johann Geiler von Kaysersberg serves as official preacher.   Reformation Happens
Luther is born in Eisleben. Luther
Magisterial Reformation
  Gasparo Contarini is born.   Catholic Reformation
Ulrich Zwingli is born in St. Gall. Zwingli
Magisterial Reformation
  Pope Innocent VIII elected.   Catholic Reformation
  Joachim Vadian is born in St Gall. Vadian
Magisterial Reformation
  Cardinal Ximenez enters a convent in Toledo. Ximenez
Reformation Happens
  Hugh Latimer is born.   English Reformation
  Pope Sixtus IV dies.   Reformation Happens